The City Con•glom•er•ate

The City Conglomerate offers the multi-passion individual and their lust for information ease of access when seeking new perspective in Lifestyle, Fashion, Beauty, Empowerment and much more. With professionalism at the root of all that is created through The C-Con it enables speech to be had not only freely but enjoyably, for voices that may reach far and wide and want to be heard.

The City Conglomerate succeeds by celebrating shared ideas, opinions and experiences that offer insight to a broader demographic on a wide-scale range.

As we develop so does our commitment to the bettering of those around us, by influencing members of the community in a positive manner allowing for healthier growth and future development, contributing to the success of all. We respect the Earth we walk on and The City Conglomerate minimizes its impact on the environment by remaining digital, and only digital.