There’s This Château in Montebello…

Le Château Montebello which is tucked away in Montebello, Québec is absolutely spectacular, no really. I would be kidding to say I wasn’t a tad bit apprehensive when I found out that the L’Oréal Canada Luxe National Sales Meeting would be held in a place where winter, in its wild of forms, is embraced with warm, open arms. The thing is I knew not to complain and was rather thankful as well as excited to be invited as the KCR of the Year for Kiehl’s Canada – Central, so why even find something to complain about?

Le Château Montebello

Now of course I went and had a blast, I was able to learn so much and meet so many fantastic new people with similar passions to mine; but I also fell madly in love with our temporary residence at Le Château Montebello.

Landing in Montréal

When we arrived from our flights and bus rides on Monday, February 6th we were welcomed to frigid temperatures and much more snow than we had in Toronto. Once we got off the bus, collected our luggage and made our way up the long driveway to Le Château we were guided into the massive cedar log cabin and into a rather beautiful common area that had a burning fireplace at the centre of it. Envisioned by Hubert Saddlemire and constructed by Victor Nymark; this stunning luxury cabin containts 4 major housing wings each with 3 floors overlooking the common area. The best part is, there is also so much to do.

Le Château Montebello is equipped with:

  • a Marina,
  • Indoor & Outdoor Pool,
  • Idoor & Outdoor Tennis Courts,
  • Curling,
  • a Spa,
  • a Gym,
  • a Bistro,
  • a Bar,
  • a Restaurant,
  • a Gift Shop,
  • Conference Centres,
  • And so much more…

It truly is a resort, and it’s no surprise that L’Oréal Canada would chose such a spectacular place to spend the next 3 days.

The spa, pool & gym
The spa, pool & gym

The breathtaking cedar Château is built on a 17th century Seignioral estate in Montebello, Québec, about a 2 hour drive out of Montréal. The estate was eventually purchased by the Papineau family in 1801, which is why Papineau is also the name of one of the 4 housing wings within the resort.

That’s the wing I stayed in during my visit, and my huge room with a King size bed, couches and walk-in closet located in the back-corner of the wing was just marvelous to say the least. It also really spoke to the old-fashion feel the hotel has with the carpet floors and dim lighting, I loved it.

My room, don’t mind the messy bed

Considering the long history behind Le Château Montebello it should come as no surprise when I say the atmosphere was certainly rustik. Nonetheless it’s beautiful, warm and extremely comfortable. Before beginning the second day of meetings I was able to sneak in a swim, in the stunning pool which is housed in a seperate complex that’s connected via underground tunnels. The design of this place is so spectacular that during the walk through the tunnel you’re led through areas with large windows that open on-to the marina and other spectacular views. I also need to make a comment on the wonderful food and friendly service before going any further; the staff are beyond courteous as well as helpful, and the dining options are to die for.

Bravo Le Château Montebello!

The marina
The marina

To conclude, Le Château was purchased by Canadian Pacific Resorts in 1970, only 40 years after its original completion in 1930. This palace has also been host to the G7 Economical Summit as well as NATO meetings, on top of being built as the primary meetings grounds for the Seigniory Club members, such as Lester B. Pearson. The history behind this resort makes it an even more impressive place than meets the eye.

I cannot even begin to explain how much I enjoyed my time at Le Château Montebello without wishing I was there again, especially with the L’Oréal family.

A few fun facts:

  • Le Château is built of 10,000 red cedar logs,
  • It took 1,200 carloads of timber off of a spur line from the Canadian Pacific Railway,
  • It took nearly 3,500 workers whom camps were built for.

Keep Exploring,

Peter. =D


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