How to Maximize on The Beard 

Esthetic. Whether the concept is being preached by a juice-head at Cabana Pool Bar or an actual esthetician completing a skilled service; image is the umbrella and its more of a thing now than its ever been. For many men out there this idea of self maintenance and the associated esthetic is a tad bit intimidating for whatever reason; assumingly because the stereotypical belief is that females are and should be the dominant market for cosmetics. Then comes along myself and a growing band of others whom agree that costmetics are and should be mutually beneficial for both men AND women. 

Photo by @ellenaturel, Barbering by @missvictorious

This is an extremely valid argument considering both Egyptian men and women were some of the first individuals to use cosmetics dating back to 10, 000 BCE. 

Gentleman, I therefore say shed that fear of your girlfriends’ Beauty Blender and get to work. 
Back in 2016 I became absolutely obsessed with the look of a harsh line for a beard on a man’s face. Having density as well as a fresh and symetrical lineup make for a sexy duo. However not all men are blessed with a thick follicle and it’s nothing to be ashamed of, because just as there are solutions to address the needs of women, men have options available to them as well. 

I wouldn’t go as far as to say that I have one of the thickest beards around because sadly I don’t. Although I’ve been able to maintain heavier growth around the jawline, in turn keeping the shape of my face defined, I’ve lost much of the density on the cheek due to years of negligent dietary conditions and poor maintenance. Growth has slowly improved over time but I’m still not entirely satisfied by what my natural growth fills out to, so I deicided to play around a bit when I rececived some inspiration.

SPOILER: even though it’s not something I do daily, rather I do this solely for special occassions, I’ve taken up the process of filling in my beard with cosmetics.

Many of you gentleman reading this will probably not attempt what I’m about to explain next, however if you worry about the image your facial hair gives you, you would probably want to attempt my recommendation if you’re currently lacking. 

Here it goes…

Makeup Forever HD Pressed Powder

Supplies you will need:

Clippers & #1 guard,

The Process:

  1. Ensure that you have trimmed all of your facial hair and beard to an even #1, also lineup the hair to your preference. Feel free to exfoliate pre-trim if you feel up to it,
  2. Perform your daily skincare regimine if you have one,
  3. If you already wear additional makeup now is the time to paint prior to filling the beard,
  4. Start to fill the beard by using the coarse makeup brush with the eye shadow to define and enbolden the natural line from your lineup, by emphasizing on it. Do so very lightly by brushing down with the brush, from the lineup on your cheek and down into the jawline so as to blend the pigment. Blend down with the Beauty Blender in order to fade the line, this allows you to control how bold it appears. Be sure to extend this defining line from the sideburn to beside the mouth, right across the cheek,
  5. Now that you have an outline you can use the same coarse makeup brush to lightly and evenly fill in the outlined area. Again using the Beauty Blender afterwards to blend the shading in order to maintain an even appearance,
  6. Once satisfied with harshness, tone of pigment (bold vs. less bold) and the overall visual appearance of your enhanced beard, set it with the setting product. 

Now watch the compliments come pouring in.

    Photo by @ellenaturel, Barbering by @missvictorious

    I know this seems like quite the amount of effort and dedication just to enhance a beard, right? If you enjoy a polished look as well as investing the time and effort necessary in order to establish and maintain your image, then this should become as seemless for you as it is for me.

    I did mention earlier that I don’t do this process too often anymore and that’s only because I like to save my heavier looks for special occassions. Whether that be a photoshoot or party, wherever it may be, the harsh lines come out to play.

    Gentleman if you want anymore advice on how to up-your-game, I’m always more than happy to help; I mean 8 years in the Beauty Industry has left me with something to show for it, after all.

    Stay Bold,

    Peter. =D 


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