Spring Ahead with Frank + Oak’s Special Online Offer 

Last week I sat on my couch staring out at the gloomy winter sky while joyous thoughts of warmer weather had me itching for my Spring wardrobe. Enough with the cold already; even though we have been dealt a fairly better hand than expected. That being said the sushine is not too far off and there may only be another 5-6 weeks of the cold left, if we are lucky. Regardless of what is to come I began my online browsing for some new finds I could potentially put towards my personal Spring 2017 collection. 

Shortly into my impromptu-virtual window shop I ended up on none other than www.frankandoak.com. You are most certainly missing out if you have yet to discover their realm of trending and affordable fashion, for both men and women. Ethan Song and Hicham Ratani base their brand in Montreal with stores in Toronto, Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Ottawa, Chicago, Boston as well as Washington; they have certainly built their empire on style as well as their commitment to the community. They first launched Frank + Oak as a fully operational e-comm service in 2o12 that was initially designed to  supply premium clothing to men in search of a greater life and firm identity, and now supplies to both genders. 

So while they continue to achieve great success I shall carry on shopping…

Photo by @ellenaturel

Ladies and Gents I give you two shirts or a shirt and pant combo for just $59.00 CAD; their current online special.

The special is accessible via the following link

I personally ended up going with and shirt and pant combo for myself and it was like Christmas when I got it in the mail, I was beyond excited. It arrived quite fast too. I selected the Jasper Oxford Shirt in White and the Newport Chino in Dress Blue

Photo by @ellenaturel

Jasper Ofxord Shirt:

  • Classic Slim-Fit,
  • Slim Collar,
  • Rounded-Cuffs,
  • 100% Cotton.

It pairs extremely well with a darker dress pant like the Newport Chino I ordered, or even a clean semi-dress darker slim-fit jean. The styling opportunities are endless and it is the perfect piece  to begin my own Spring collection with. 

Photo by @ellenaturel

Newport Chino:

  • Straight-Fit,
  • Casual Wasitband,
  • 97% Cotton and 3% Spandex.

The fit on these bad boys is incredible, and a dress pant style is not usually my go-to. With the intention of expanding my wardrobe in 2017 I thought this dress pant/ jean cross-make would be a brilliant way to step outside my box a little. 

What should have cost me $120.00 CAD regularly is currently priced at $59.00 CAD; essentially SAVING 50% of the total cost. I mean, that is one heck of a deal that you and I would both be ignorant to pass-on by. The Frank + Oak commitment to affordability and evident consistency with quality is outstanding and there is no doubt that I am officially a customer for life.

Here is the link again for the special online offer that I strongly advise you at least consider:


I would also suggest quick movements to avoid missing the cut if you are sincerely considering taking advantage.

Let me know what you snag if you end up making a purchase…

Stay Swagged,

Peter. =D 


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