New Looks, Courtesy of BonLook 


The absolute bane of my existence.

Last week I posted about My Toronto Eaton Centre Top 5 Shops with BonLook being one of them. This on-the-rise eyeware retailer is a native Canadian-based brand from Montreal, with 8 stores currently open to the public. I easily became intrigued by their advertised price for a pair of frames and lenses at a much lower price than other stores, $135 CAD; $185 CAD if you require their super thin lenses for a heavier prescription. Once they finally opened-up shop at the Toronto Eaton Centre near the end of 2016 I took full advantage of their fantastic pricing, and also beautiful collection.

The staff at the Toronto Eaton Centre location are not only incredibly friendly but also come from such a genuine place when selling. From the greeting to the sale, the service is extremely polished. The representative whom helped me was able to create an ultimately seamless experience and after some serious browsing with her at my side, I was able to chose my pair.

Trailblazer in Woodland Plaid
Trailblazer in Woodland Plaid

The Trailblazer in Woodland Plaid, do they not just sound Canadian? These are the bad boys that would finally give me some character and not just be, I hate to say it, basic. With blues, pinks, blacks and other colors in a plaid pattern decorating the frame which is light, slim and shaped to fit my face to perfection; I fell in love instantly. They are definitely my favorite pair of fames I have owned to date so it is no surprise that I waited to anxiously to pick them up after ordering them. 

Nearly three weeks is what it took to get them and I ordered them into the store, despite the home delivery option. I will not sit here and complain because there is an automated email system and online interface through their website that keeps the process fully transparent. What makes BonLook special is that they cut out the middle men/women from the entire operation. No outsourced distrubution centre or mail delivery service.

Trailblazer in Woodland Plaid

Coming from someone who has purchased glasses of all sorts from LenaCrafters, Hakim Optical and Clearly Contacts with a with a heavy +5.50 in both eyes, I can assure you that the quality of my new friends from BonLook do not compare. I already mentioned the light weight that the frames bear but I must also comment on the sleek design that makes them feel slightly more compact, yet durable, than others do when folded into resting. Being the clumsy nugget I am at times I have already knocked them once or twice, despite every intention to avoid doing so, and they have yet to succumb to owner-inflicted damage just yet; I knocked on wood, not to worry. This is a true testament to their overall durability thus far.

After a week of wear I can honestly say that I am beyond happy with how they feel and look, and I am definitely enjoying the compliments; as would anyone. What I will say with certainty is thay if you are in the market for a new pair of specs I should urge you to explore your options at BonLook before pounding down your gavel on a decision elsewhere. Take it from me and try something new. You will not regret it but in the case that you do, you know where to find me.

Keep in Vision,

Peter. =D 


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