Blue Skies on Blue Monday

Since 2005 the term Blue Monday has stuck with some and is essentially known as the most depressing day of the year for those of us living in the Northern Hemisphere. The idea was first publicized by Sky Travel and is considered to be of pseudoscience, a term which refers to claims or beliefs which are capable of being defined by science but based off of exaggerated, contradictory or all-in-all unprovable claims. So is Blue Monday really that blue after all? While the theory does take into consideration the time spent since Christmas withdrawing from all the livliness and excitement, the levels of debt incurred and peoples’ inability to maintain their New Years Resolutions; I would like to think that it is what you make of it. 

Toronto from the 7th floor

When I wake up this morning I take a look from our 7th floor balcony and what I see is bright and blue. Nothing like a gloomy, winter day that you would expect for Blue Monday. Already, there is nothing remotely depressing about the day given that the temperatures are not unbearable and my view of the Toronto Skyline is lit well and crisp with morning smog. Crockett, our puppy, agrees that the day is right and so he insists that we go for a walk and that is exactly what we do; now that I am outside on this glorious day, I cannot wait to make it mine and not a product of some pseudoscience travel agency. 

Stevie is already out and on with his day which means that I have no choice but to get on with mine. Evidently we are a household on the move, the way we like it. I chose not to neglect my commitment to my daily Transcendental Meditation practice, I throw on some soothing sounds and take my place in position for at least the next 45 minutes. If there is one thing that will certainly prevent me from feeling blue vibes today it is a slow and relaxing pass through the few levels of brainwaves in order to silence any unproductive thoughts or impeding voice in my head. Today’s meditation is different from others, there is more settle in the air than there has been in previous weeks.

 I blame retail for this. 

The hustle and bustle of the Holiday’s manifests itself differently between those who work retail and those who shop retail anytime between November 1st to at least the middle of January. Some withdraw from the excitement and some do not withdraw at all. The reason why I say there is much more settle in the air now then there was weeks ago; I have taken up a position with one of my favorite luxury brands at the Toronto Eaton Centre and we just had our first Christmas in the mall, and a wild one at that. It has been years since I have braved the retail environment like I do now, better yet during the Holiday’s, and so I forgot what was to be expected. With extreme love for what I do was able to brave through it and now sit here and be able to write about it, while I re-encounter the many emotions felt during the season. It is about this time of January that we begin to move back into the usual 10-month cycle before the next 2-month break in routine and for that I am forever thankful. Yet another reason my Monday is bright and not so dull after all. 

Working the Holiday’s, photo by Darren Eagles @darreneaglescreative

I am able to Transcend AND got this post up so I move on to the rest of my day, and I am not entirely sure where that takes me. I have the day off work and after getting the majority of housekeeping done last week I have not left myself much to do. However the lingering thought of moving in 4 weeks is one that is beginning to sit heavy and should need appeasement asap so I do suppose that is a great place to start. But first, allow me to indulge in my favorite morning skincare routine with a super refining exfoliation to boot.

Now, if you read this far and are wondering why it is possible that  you are feeling blue on Blue Monday and have no reason to be; and maybe you have just to realize that. This life is what you make of it and I guarantee you that any optimist or individual with a brighter outlook on the overall grand scheme of things would have to agree. That being said today is my day of peace, the calm AFTER the storm.

As always, there is no better love and care than the one for ourselves. 

Stay Vibrant,

Peter. =D 


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