My Toronto Eaton Centre Top 5 Shops 

Those who have a steady pay and enjoy indulging as I do understand that shopping never ends; specifically when one works in a multi-level mall lined with a combination of deparment stores, luxury boutiques as well as a conglomerate of mass-produced brands that can be spotted in other malls across the globe. People say addiction is a bad thing, and my response to that hot topic is often, “So they say.” I mean we can be an addict but still moderate our addiction, right? Does that get covered by the ‘everything in moderation’ ideal as well? Maybe, but who honestly cares when you work hard, look good and thus feel good. The Cadillac Fairview Toronto Eaton Centre gets this, it is the ‘Home of Toronto Style’ after all. 

Not a day of work goes by that I walk through the mall without peering into my favorite stores with the intention of wanting to spoil myself. I do work hard though so it is only fair to reward myself with tokens of acknowledgement along the way to push for even more success, and I am sure many of you do this as well. Now when I say tokens along the way I literally mean shopping as I walk through the mall from North to South on my way to work, which is deadly by every means. 

Photo by Darren Eagles, @darreneaglescreative

In order, here are the 5 stores that have made me a return-customer at the CF Toronto Eaton Centre:

1. Sephora. The devil’s word. You can not say the word Sephora without instsntly feeling compelled to find a black and white striped entrance that ecnloses Pandora’s Box. I will tell you one thing; I consider myself lucky for not being exposed to the outrageously lavish Sephora that exists on Fifth Avenue in New York City because the bank would break, daily. However I am delighted that we have such a big location on the third floor at the CF Toronto Eaton Centre that hosts such a wide selection of products to chose from , so ours does the job just fine. 

2. UNIQLO. It was the extremeley anticipiated opening of one of Japan’s finest clothiers that had the CF Toronto Eaton Centre packed during a weekend back in September. So much buzz and attention was directed towards this newer Canadian retailer that I had to check it out for myself. After my initial visit I have not been able to get enough of what UNIQLO has to offer especially because of their Heat Tech clothing options that are beyond ideal for the Winters we experience here in Canada.

3. H&M. I would be a total liar if I said I did not shop at H&M. I mean, everyone does at some point. Whether it be to pick-up some odds and ends or to concoct an entire outfit for a special event, you can not go wrong with a visit to the global giant. 

4. Zara. This obsession is more of a controlled one as a visit to Zara is usually a result of needing new work clothing. Since I wear all black and highly enjoy a professional yet polished apprearance I often find that this store will carry my favorite solutions to my clothing needs for a reasonable price. Now that I think about it, it has been while; even talking about this has inspired me to shop. 

Bonlook at the Toronto Eaton Centre

5. Bonlook. This may be the one store on my CF Toronto Eaton Centre Top 5 list that you have yet to become familiar with, and it is a very special one. Bonlook opened at the CF Toronto Eaton Centre on the third floor back in December and is a luxury eyeware boutique that has origins in Montreal but opperates with an online interface similar to the way Clearly Contacts does, but with much more ease and class. I treated myself to a pair just after Christmas and I finally just picked them up yesterday after two weeks of anxiously awaiting thier arrival. The store and its’ selection, the service and the quality of my glasses are enough to have me purchasing a new pair of unqiue, and I stress unique, glasses on a monthly basis. They are that awesome. I will be sure to post my review about my new Woodland Plaid Trailblazer eyeware next week. 

Do we understand my struggle?

Photo by Darren Eagles, @darreneaglescreative

I spend my day uncovering the needs of customers, some enjoyable and some not. So maybe, just maybe… I want someone to uncover and address my needs every once in a while. That once in a while might happen to be every day but hey, what is self-purveyed happiness to a life of misery, loathing and want? 

My motivation can be found the form of an Italian black leather boot, size 9.5/10. 
If we do not take the time to occassionally indulge in ourselves but yet tell others to do so for the benefit of our business, are we not liars? I prefer to walk the talk and it shows when you can stand in front of someone with a tremendous amount of confidence and teach them how to indulge in themselves as well. As a Salesman my job is most certainly to make money where it is needed but also to teach and educate customers like you and I on the importance of pampering ourselves when we can, given the opporunity.

What are your top stores when treating yourself to all that the material world has to offer?

Stay Indulgent,

Peter. =D 


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