DECIEM The Abnormal Beauty Company, Deviance that Trends

Only a few years ago, in 2o13, DECIEM hit the market by trade with their ‘Abnormal’ approach to Skincare, and well the Beauty Industry as a whole. They carry their own brands of Skincare, Haircare and Bodycare: NIODHylamideThe Chemistry BrandThe Ordinary./’stemm/FountainhifWhite Rx and AB CREW.  At some point you may notice and be drawn to the very unusual, simple yet visually appealing marketing and advertising that can be seen in and around Toronto; more recently when the company opened the doors to their first store on Queen Street early in the summer of 2016. To elaborate on what I mean when I say simple, what you see is the black and white colour scheme that emphasizes DECIEM The Abnormal Beauty Company as the consistent branding. 

Quite like the modern and simple approach to the company branding, boutiques are now popping up accross the city, Yorkville and The Distillery District to name a few, as well as across the world; they also carry an open-concept, loft-style shopping experience that correlates to the overall concept. In a day and age where marketing teams are using all angles to target markets across the globe and SEO organizations are monitizing clicks, it makes sense to let the products do the talking. One may call it, unusual.

DECIEM The Abnormal Beauty Company is a name I haven’t quite been able to escape lately, and to no surprise my curiosity gets the best of me again today and I make a visit to their small but well-stocked boutique at Parliament and Carlton with the intention of try something new. Since I work for another Skincare company myself it’s not often that I deviate away from the norm and dip my fingers into something other than what we retail, and I mean literally. However this feels like the appropriate time to do so with a peeking interest. I throw on my jacket and head out the door just two blocks East of the intersection I currently live at. 

DECIEM The Abnormal Beauty Company, 242 Carlton Street

When I arrive I open the door and take a step inside an Apothecary that differs from any other, I instantly become a kid in a newly discovered candy store. The interior, which is a warmly designed open-concept, invites with a beautiful plank table and bench that sits center to the products lining the brick walls of the studio retail space. Without hesitation I instantly become drawn to the shelf that retails the boosters, serums and primers. Currently my skin is extremely dehydrated and I’m in need of a new primer so this seems to be the right direction, keeping in mind to explore the rest of this heavenly place after finding what I need. 

To my surprise, it doesn’t take me long despite the array of Beauty strung out across the store.

Options live at DECIEM The Abnormal Beauty Company and it’s clear to anyone who enters one of their stores, or even checks out their website. For that reason it helps to ask for assitance from one of their representatives or do some research online prior to seeking your own experience. Last night when I did my digging via the web I came across a primer and serum I want to incorporate into my routine. The Hylamide Finisher HA Blur and The Ordinary. Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5 serum are my choices. Knowing that these are what I came for I gather them and place them aside as I explore some more. 


The lady behind the cash-wrap who provides a small greeting when we first arrive needs to be probed for answers, unlike some stores where customer service representatives are willing to provide the insight without the initial inquiry. So I probe on through her sweetness. When doing my research last night I also become intrigued by a product from the AB CREW line called the Hair Minimizing Body Hydrator which is supposed to minimize the re-growth of body hair post-removal. Neat, huh? A hydrating body lotion that stunt’s the growth of hair after a shave or wax. Enough said, you can count me in. She continues on to explain to me what I already know based off of my experience on, so I allow her back to her desk to continue on working away as she was.

The Ordinary. Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5 and the Hylamide Finisher HA Blur

After about another 10 minutes of analyzing products and ingredients while exciting myself ridiculously over things I probably don’t need/ already have, I approach the desk to make my purchase. While the kind and beautiful young lady rings me through she shares with me some company information and it delights me to hear that the products are a Toronto-based brand(s) made right here in the city. This helps to explain the ridiculously low cost of a highly-active serum and primer for only $29.15 CAD with tax. If your jaw just dropped, rightfully so. She delightfully hands me my bag with my goodies and I snap a few photos of the luxuriously modern boutique before heading out. 
I can’t help but stress that you do yourself the service and find the time to trek on over to one of the few locations now being offered by  DECIEM The Abnormal Beauty Company. This includes Seoul in Korea, as well as Melbourne and, soon, Sydney in Australia. It’s clear that they have something working exceptionally well for them and it’s worth it to make the discovery now while it still remains much more personable and than other brands on the market, while also keeping to their philosophy by beautifully different. 

I’ll also be following up in two weeks with my results after beginning to use today’s haul, keep posted.

Stay Deviant,

Peter. Xo 


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