Meditation has Ultimately, Changed Me.

Yes, Meditation has most certainly changed me as a person and my ability to hold multiple perspectives in situations thus giving me more control over my thoughts and actions. It really is a powerful experience that anyone can benefit from if we just allow ourselves to Transcend. If you think this is crazy talk, then be prepared for more to follow. Now someone might ask why I started Meditating, as I too have asked people before. Sadly enough it begins with a visit to the Vetirenary Emergency on the Civic Holiday of August 2o16.

Last April we rescued a Jack Russell/Dachshund Mix from the Toronto Humane Society, a cute little 6-month old bugger by the name of Crockett. 4 months into owning him he breaks his leg, and that’s where the stress and anxiety really kicked in full throttle. To be quite honest I knew there were going to be issues, visits to the Vet and some obstacles to overcome with adopting a puppy; but I did not expect any of it to happen so early in the game. As you can imagine, being caught off guard with a very expensive surgery and bi-weekly visits to the Veterinary Emergency Clinic did it for me, it began to make me feel things I hadn’t quite felt before. 

August 2016, Crockett helping me read during his recovery

Come September, 3 weeks post-operation for Crockett and a few days before my Birthday, I reach the final part of the book I’m reading which is Breaking The Habit of Being Yourself by Joe Dispenza. It’s a fantastic read if you really want ‘out with the old, and in with the new’ and isn’t overly scientific or over-baring with beliefs and opinions. The final part of the book walks me through a 4 week Meditation called Transcendental Meditation, where I’m taught to connect to the Quantam Field by travelling through the four different levels of Brain Waves: Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta. I was not kidding when I said there was more crazy talk to come. To Transcend is to leave reality behind for a short period of time, 45-60 minutes a day in my case, and extend beyond the boundaries of knowledge and experience to “Fire & Re-Wire” the subliminal past that currently encourages me to take action or react in ways that ultimately make me feel uneasy. The product of a very stressful few weeks.

4 months, going on 5, of daily Meditation has given me the strength and power I need to push forward in difficult situations; but has also given me, and continues to, much more clarity in terms of what my purpose is and where my life might be headed. How? Transcendental Meditation gives me full control over the outcome of my future by allowing me to leave the past, in the past. This includes my overly-anxious or stress-induced responses in certain situations, my fear of repeat outcomes in particular scenarios or my own self-defeating belief that things can’t and won’t get better, ever. Up until now I’ve worked through emotions and feelings such as anxiety, stress, anger and the occassional lack of confidence. Let me tell you, I feel 100 times better and I’ve been told that I have grown into a much wiser and much more mature individual over this period of time. Don’t we love seeing the fruits of our labor?

I’m not telling you to that you need to take a class on Quantam Energy and the steps it takes to Transcend to feel like a well-balanced human being. What I am sharing with you is how committing a small portion of our day to understanding ourselves on a deeper level of meaning, beyond what we experience here in reality, can really invigorate the spirit and assist in guiding it appropriately. I know that I have subliminal triggers that cause me to act out in certain ways and this makes me feel ultimately uncomfortable. So, the feeling of having no control over the outcomes in my life terrifies me and there’s many ways to avoid these kinds of experiences, Transcendental Meditation being one. Take the time for yourself to focus on yourslef, you won’t regret it. 

Remember, what you put out is what you get back.

Stay Calm… and try to Carry On,

Peter. Xo. 


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