Heavenly Infusions 

Working retail can sometimes make it difficult to find the time to be the Urban-Explorer we all want to be, at least that’s what I find anyways. But don’t get me wrong, I love what I do for a living. I finally have a day off to do some of that exploring and experience a new spot or two somewhere in the heart of the city which is why Infuse Cafe (IG: @infusecafe) becomes the perfect place to start. Prepared with my writing tools I walk down Yonge street to Infuse which is just north of the Ryerson University campus, 354 Yonge Street; an ideal spot to lure in caffeine deprived students looking for a more natural alternative compared to some of the other choices in the area. A small but quaint joint gloved by aromatic smells of Herbal/ Organic Teas that are being infused, nestled between a McDonald’s and Swiss Chalet on a busy main street; it’s interior is white and lined with mild decor consistent with branding that appeals to the organic nature of the brand, essentially creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere for anyone looking to unwind and try something new in the process.
I walk in and find myself being greeted by an extremely warm and polite young gentleman at the brewing bar/ cash wrap who invites me over as he notices my increasing curiosity, while I gaze in awe at the equipment lining the bar currently in action brewing another customers’ drink. The technology they use in-house is BKON’S Reverse Atmospheric Infusion system otherwise known as RAIN. He picks up on the fact that it was my first time, I must seem that taken back by what I was seeing, and so he begins to explain the concept behind the branding as well as the many menu options. He goes on to explain the Fair Trade nature that Infuse Cafe (www.infusecafe.ca) and Infuse Teas (www.infusetea.ca) stand by which excites me to the bone as I myself work for a company that is heavy in philanthropic values. Not only is Infuse Fair Trade but all cups and straws are made of 100% biodegradable material. Seamless; would best describe the effort needed to connect to the Infuse Cafe mission on a personal level and this is what we should want to see more of as we leave 2016 behind and venture forward into 2017. To boot, 95% of the Teas at Infuse Cafe are certified by Quality Assurance International (QAI) with the Organic Symbol and this just reiterates their commitment to quality and how this company services not only its’ customers, but also the environment.

Taken from @infusecafe on Instagram

Once we find my Tea, which is the Orange Blossom (and it is mighty ‘bless’, no shame to bare), the gentleman invites over me to watch the RAIN infuse my Tea with the numerous vacuum-like operations that the system has. Keep in mind there are over 50 different Coffees, Teas and Specialty Drinks to choose from so any bit of direction should be welcomed with open arms when a visit is made to Infuse Cafe for the first time. The BKON RAIN system in use provides a richer and more full bodied taste to Teas and Coffees by using, and I quote, “…multiple vacuum cycles which allow for extraction to occur at the deepest layers of cellular structure.” As someone who sells cosmetics products and is subjected to language similar to this, I take a second to realize how scientific this experience was in-fact becoming and how revolutionary this entire concept is. Infuse is not mass-marketed, mass-produced nor popular on a global scale (yet…) but may surpass many other of it’s competitors sheerly off of it’s commitment to quality but also due to it’s impressive level of transparency. The way I see it, enhanced beverages accompanying an enhanced experience.

For the next hour I sit at the window with my Tea in hand while doing some writing, and during this time I get the opportunity to connect with Infuse Cafe on Instagram personally. They reach out to me through a private message which instantly makes me feel that much more at home. A no brainer at this point, I know I make the right decision in checking out Infuse Cafe on my day off. Between the greeting, knowledge and service offered a short while ago when I first walk in, to the forward-thinking tools that produce the delectible Orange Blossom Tea I just finish; I must suggest taking a trip to one of Infuse Cafe‘s current two locations as a wise and unregrettable experience to any Urban-Dweller in Toronto. 

Taken from http://www.infusecafe.ca

Stay Sweet,

Peter. Xo 


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