My Top 6 Pre-Photoshoot To-Do’s


Whether you’re a professionally trained human manequin or someone who finds themselves encountering their own recreational glam-gig on the occassion; there’s always a few things we can do to prepare ourselves for that twilight moment. Take it a step further and pamprer yourself before even getting remotely touched by Stylists, Hairdressers or Make-Up Artists, whom do produce the quality results a Visionist and their audience wants to see.

What comes from this you ask? Self-satisfaction and the ability to ultimately care for yourself, by yourself. While also producing a creature worthy of being photographed.

Recently I experienced my own moment in the spotlight having my hair balayaged, given a fade and a cut by the talented Victoria Hazell (IG:@missvictorious) while then being photographed by her also talented twin-sister Michelle (IG:@ellenaturel). To be honored is an understatement as to what the entire experience made me feel, a fine blend of excitement as well. I won’t lie and tell you my confidence drove me through it without an ounce of nerves to be felt, because there were definitely butterflies that lingered the evening before the big day. This was also a big project for Victoria and Michelle and I didn’t want to let them down; so to set the nerves aside I prepared myself in a few ways the night before, which of course turned into an evening of pampering and self-indulgance at the same time.

1. Prepare the look…

… for either the style of your attire (if you’ve been asked to style yourself) or the facial expressions you want to feature in the photos. As narcissistic as this sounds, get yourself in-front of a mirror and work it like it’s nobody’s business. Trust me on this when I say there is a peace of mind to be associated.

2. The Hydrating Masque…

… is key at helping restore radiance (avoiding dull skin) and texture; smoother and brighter is always better. Find whichever brand works for you, my personal favorites are ones that can be left on overnight. If you are having makeup applied it definitely doesn’t hurt to prepare a fresh and smooth canvas for the artist.

3. Rest is necessary…

… for the ultimate peace of mind. No one appreciates the, “Will I sleep enough?” jitters. A focused and relaxed demeanor will go much further than someone strung and dependant on caffeine for a positive outcome. I suggest the often recommended 6-8 hours.

4. Waking up with Meditation…

… is not only empowering, but can truly center and balance an individual. I personally dedicate 45-minutes to the exercise on a daily basis; however closing your eyes for 15-3o minutes in a calm setting will help build on that ‘I Know Can’ confidence/quality that a model should often have. Finding Homeostasis does not need to come from a trip to the Sensory Deprivation tank.

5. Brighten and Exfoliate…

… on the morning of for a glowing and even smoother complexion. Again, choose a masque/exfoliator that works for you, preferably with something effective like Turmeric; and don’t forget to give your skin the pampering it deserves. You want the camera to love you after all, right?

6. What Skincare routine you use…

… should be focused on obtaining a healthy and dewy glow (not an oil-slick by any means). Personally my preference focuses on products that energeize, hydrate and protect the skin with anti-oxidants. Keep in mind when wearing makeup to minimize the Skincare to four/five products that achieve the glow but layer well together; and don’t forget to use a Toner. Makeup applications are much nicer when ehnanced from the pH balancing effects that a Toner does provide.

Well by the time I had gotten to the location of our photoshoot, The Sound Studio Canada (IG:@thesoundstudiotoronto), I was prepared, comfortable and confident in the results I would produce. Needless to say the outcome of the shoot was unreal and if you want to see some photos, hope on Instagram and over to:




Now that you’re familiar with my favorite things to do before getting in front of a camera, I want to know as well what steps YOU take when preparing yourself for either an event or photoshoot; what nerve-calming routine gives you a confidence boost? Comment below and leave some insight!

Stay Gorgeous,

Peter. Xo.


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